Head INK® Studio Upton Northampton now offers expert SMP services, which have already changed many lives. It’s not a tattoo parlor, it’s a dedicated Scalp Micro Pigmentation studio. It’s all they do!

This treatment involves a tattoo process that gives the appearance of a shaven head of hair with layered micro dots. Using micro dots between real hair follicles, you can provide thinning hair a boost by giving it a thickened appearance that blends in with the rest of the hair.

smp artist northampton

According to Matt, men should also feel confident about themselves. Women have a lot of options for semi-permanent and permanent make-up, so it’s great to offer something for men too. In addition to men, women with thinning hair, density issues, and hair loss can also benefit from SMP.

There’s no doubt that it’s suitable for covering scars and those suffering from alopecia. FYI: In the first year, scars cannot be covered, but after that they can be hidden using SMP. I have found it so rewarding doing treatments for people who have suffered with low confidence for many years because of their hair, for whatever reason.”

Matt said, the treatment will cost approximately £1,500 over the course of 3-4 sessions, but this can vary based on what you need.

After Matt’s full treatment, Mark said he now feels more confident than he ever has in the past. I wake up every morning feeling incredible and looking in the mirror, saying I have a hairline. We asked Matt if SMP hurts? He said: “Some clients have fallen even asleep in the chair whilst I having it done.”

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