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If you interested in hair loss then Scalp Micropigmentation Milton Keynes may just be what you’re looking for. Check out the stages of balding below. According to the Hamilton–Norwood scale, an assessment scale used by doctors to measure the severity of baldness, Male Pattern Baldness has 7 main stages:

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Stage 1. In the first stage of MPB, there is no significant recession of the hairline.

Stage 2. In this stage, a slight recession of a hairline is noticed around the temples.  

Stage 3. A deep recession becomes visible around the temples, which resembles M, U or V shape. 

Stage 3 Vertex. A severe hair loss appears on the top of the scalp (the vertex). 

Stage 4. The 2 areas gradually become larger than the previous stage, but they are still separated with a band of hair. 

Stage 5. The band of hair, connecting the balding areas, starts to narrow and creates a hairline called “horseshoe”. 

Stage 6. Only very thin hair remains on the crown. 

Stage 7. In the last stage, the top of the scalp is completely bald and only a band of fine hair is noticed around the side of the head.

What should I do if I go bald? scalp micropigmentation Milton Keynes can help.

With all the information you have now learned about hair loss’s causes, stages, and signs, you are probably wondering how to handle balding. In most cases, reversing balding is the preferred solution for people who have just begun losing hair. Prior to undergoing any type of treatment, it is imperative to consult a doctor for proper advice and to avoid future health problems. 

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Our clinic is located Northampton and we’re able to cover a wide territory stretching from Milton Keynes, Coventry, Kettering and Bedford.
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