To get the very best results from your SMP Medical Tattoo, you must follow our SMP aftercare instructions carefully.

Please don’t touch!
This is a good start to your SMP aftercare, you do have open micro wounds, they will not bleed but oils from your fingers can trap bacteria into them. This must be avoided for at least 24 hours following a treatment. SMP infections are rare, but if not treated, they can be serious.

You Must Avoid
You should avoid heavy exercise for at least five days after your treatments. As long as your head does not sweat too much, you can still do some light exercise. Keep cool in the summer months by using an air conditioner in your car.

Absolutely No…
Swimming, Hot tubs, Saunas, and Steam rooms for at least 28 days after your final treatment. (this is also true between treatments).

Try to
keep out the sun and always ware a hat or sunscreen SPF 50 to protect your scalp.


When leaving the clinic, we will also give you a take-home handout.

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Head INK™ Provides a solution for hair loss through
Scalp Micropigmentation. In addition to treating baldness and alopecia, SMP can also be used to treat scarring.

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