What Is The Average Cost Of Scalp Micropigmentation In The UK?

SMP Northampton.

Many people wonder how much SMP costs after learning about its extraordinary results ’. I believe this is a valid question, and there are many factors to consider. You shouldn’t make this decision solely based on cost, however. Ink colour may change, or you may get an infection, if you pay cheap, which could be anything from an ineffective or artificial finish. 

It’s recommended that you only consult on SMP treatment with trained professionals, such as Matt at Head INK Northampton, so that you can be assured of quality treatment and an effortlessly, natural look. Head INK is also able to provide assistance in getting coverage for treatment from the NHS.

The SMP will last a number of years, and here’s what you can expect in terms of treatment: 

  • You will need anywhere between 2 and 4 sessions, with most clients happy after 3 sessions. 
  • A half-crown starts at £300 per session.
  • A full head treatment will cost between £1200 to £1500.
  • Female thinning parting starts at £300 per session.
  • Female thinning crown starts at £350 per session.
  • Scarring cover (such as alopecia scarring) will cost around £300 per session. 

It’s important to note that all consultations are free of charge, whether you opt to go with Head INK Northampton or not. 

Average UK Cost £700 – £2800
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